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Change Your World With 3 Simple Words




That’s right. Fuck it bucket.

I promise you this, those three words and a few easy steps can, and most definitely will, shift your energy and bring clarity to your world today.

Many years ago I was responsible for working with our Interim Executive Director to plan a team retreat.

Tensions were incredibly high across our team. We had recently experienced several staffing changes, internal conflicts, and shifts in how we operate as a team. This team retreat was sure to bring all of those issues to the surface in some less than productive ways. I felt that it was time to clear the air as best we could.

Being all of 26 at the time, I tossed caution, political correctness, and a dash of professionalism to the side and decided to conduct a pseudo-brain dumping exercise with the team. Brain dumping is an exercise that I learned through therapy many years ago. This exercise had aided me in alleviating anxiety and freeing up mental energy when I felt that I had none, and it felt incredibly relevant for us as a group.

Our team was anxious, overwhelmed, and hurt. It seemed as though we were all navigating the aftermath of some traumatic experience. As the de facto team leader in many ways, I felt an obligation to support everyone through this shared experience and ensure that we were able to come out of it stronger and better for kids.

Enter - the Fuck it Bucket or “FIB” as our ED so eloquently described it. Part independent brain dump, part team-building exercise, and part hot mess. The FIB is an exercise that grants you the chance to ‘dump’ any and everything that is creating negative mental energy, anxiety, or pain. You write down every single thing that is bothering you - write until you can’t think of anything else - ball it up, literally throw it in the fuck it bucket, and let it all go. Your FIB can be a literal bucket, a trash can, bonfire - whatever allows you to physically rid yourself of the negativity.

NOTE: If you’re doing this exercise with a team or partner, this will also include sharing your deep concerns as openly as possible and having some dialogue.

I’ve done this exercise personally, with work teams, and in my personal life. Each time has been a uniquely rewarding experience and I challenge you all to do it too!


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