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Executive Search

At Imagine Consulting, we offer specialized executive search services for nonprofits and educational organizations, deeply embedded in equity, access and transparency, to connect you with the leaders you need.

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Candidate Centered Process

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Diversity Done Right

Competency-Based Hiring

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Imagine help me?

According to a report by Censuswide, 83% of executive leaders agreed that they would prefer to use an executive search firm to hire senior-level positions. Our team has the expertise, capacity, and extensive industry knowledge necessary to develop a clear and equitable process, build a diverse pool of candidates, and successfully place new leaders. We have a 98% success rate overall and over 75% of hires identify as people of color.

What makes Imagine unique?

We'll be the first to admit that our process is not unique. What sets Imagine apart from other search firms isn't what we do, but rather how we do it. Each phase of the process includes specific actions geared towards creating a positive and inclusive candidate experience. These actions include prep calls and debriefs throughout the process, paying candidates for completing hiring tasks, sharing interview questions in advance, and utilizing accessibility and anti-bias hiring tools.

What types of organizations do you work with?

Imagine exclusively supports nonprofits including EMOs and CMOs, schools, and b-corps of all sizes. Our team has experience supporting organizations in various mission and impact areas including youth development, activism, women's rights, faith, health, and community development/funding.

How much does an executive search cost?

Imagine is committed to supporting organizations of all sizes and operating budgets, ensuring equity in hiring quality, diverse talent. To ensure equity across our client base, we utilize a transparent budget-based calculator to determine search costs. You can expect to invest a minimum of $20,000 and, on average, our clients invest around $45,000.

What is your process? How long does it take?

We have an in-depth discussion during kickoff to determine the best hiring process for your organization and the role. For some roles, this includes gathering stakeholder input from staff and board members. Key steps in our hiring process include candidate sourcing, screening, interview facilitation, reference checking, and offer negotiation. Imagine's searches are designed to conclude within 12-20 weeks from kickoff depending on role and process.

Do we even need a search firm?

If you think you might, you probably do. Executive and senior-level roles are critical to your organization's success. Whether your navigating executive hiring for the first time, looking to ensure an equitable hiring process with stakeholder input, or just need to broaden your candidate pool, an executive search firm like Imagine is well worth the investment!

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