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who we are

We are a Black, LGBTQ+, and Woman owned consulting firm that imagines a world ripe with equity, inclusiveness, and opportunity for all people. We understand that this type of impact is impossible without bold action, honesty, and tough conversations. This is why we do not hesitate to call you out, hold you accountable, or challenge your thinking.

At Imagine, our mission is to counter systemic biases prevalent in traditional hiring processes. Historically, even nonprofit recruitment has often been entangled in practices influenced by white supremacist culture, creating barriers for diverse, qualified candidates. We were founded to challenge this status quo and open doors for historically oppressed communities.

Our impact extends beyond just diversifying org charts. We equip our nonprofit partners with anti-racist hiring tools and practices, fostering a culture of equity and inclusion. Our goal is to redefine the industry standard, making equitable talent practices the norm, not the exception.

what we believe

Equity, Antiracism, Authenticity & Belonging

These principles are woven into the very fabric of Imagine and all of the work that we do. We only work with organizations with org-wide commitments to similar core principles.

Historically, people of color, women, transgender, and GNCNB individuals, and those with disabilities face insurmountable oppression when engaging with employers and recruiters. At the core of this oppression is white supremacy and its pervasiveness in workplaces across the US and worldwide.

At Imagine, we understand that talent is not bound to a single story - a white story - and that our intersectional identities are value adds in every space we enter.

Diverse group of people protesting in the street. Black woman centered_

what we value

Imagine Consulting | Core Value | Joy


We will have fun together, celebrating the complexities and impact of our work, and exuding the joy we feel from fulfilling our mission each day.

Imagine Consulting | Core Value | Boldness


As truth seekers, we will approach our work with curiosity and courage. We will communicate with honesty, respect, openness, and clarity.

Imagine Consulting _ Core Value _ Passion


We will wear our hearts on our sleeves and share the why behind what we do, allowing our passion to shape our vision and fuel our work.

Imagine Consulting _ Core Value _ Focus


We will listen to our clients and embrace their needs and challenges as our own in a relentless pursuit to deliver on their expectations.

Imagine Consulting _ Core Value _ Humanity


As people leaders, humanism is at the center of everything we do. We affirm the differences and intersectional identities of all people with trust and compassion.

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