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Acing a One-Way Video Interview: 5 Tips for Success

Video interviews are rapidly becoming the norm, allowing employers to screen more applicants efficiently. While convenient, one-way videos can trip up candidates accustomed to in-person conversations. Fear not - with preparation and practice, you can stand out from the crowd. In this post, I'll provide four tips to help you relax, be yourself, and wow hiring managers from behind the camera.

Rise of the One-Way Video Interview

One-way video interviews are becoming increasingly popular for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they allow recruiters to focus more on what you're saying without the distractions of a real-time conversation. This method helps in documenting responses more effectively. Moreover, one-way interviews introduce a structured format to the hiring process, significantly reducing hiring bias. By standardizing questions, every candidate is given a fair, equal opportunity to showcase themselves, ensuring a more equitable selection process.

In discussing with our CEO and Founder, Candice Durham (she/they), she shared her own personal experience as a candidate using a one-way interview platform. "I remember being asked to complete a one-way interview several years ago - way before it was cool - and I thought it was kind of weird. However, the experience ended up being amazing for me.

As a neurospicy chick with anxiety and ADD constantly competing for my attention during those all important phone interviews, being able to complete something self-paced was a god send. It gave me the time and space to navigate the interview at my own rate so that I could really put my best self forward. This is incredibly important at the beginning of the hiring process. We know how much first impressions matter!"

screen grab of the Hireflix platform's candidate interface. Man records response to an interview question with written instructions on the right side and verbal/video instructions on the left side

5 Tips to Ace Your One-Way Video Interview

Tip #1: Know Your Audience

Before recording, learn about the company's mission, values, and culture. Understanding the organization's "personality" will help you emphasize your relevant skills and explain why you're an outstanding fit.

Tip #2: Prepare Yourself & Your Space

Select an outfit that makes you feel confident and authentically you for the interview, ensuring you present yourself in a way that best represents who you are. Set up your interview space to be quiet and well-lit, and check your equipment to avoid any technical glitches.

Tip #3: Tell Your Story

Share real examples that convey important capabilities like problem-solving, resilience, and vision. Quantify achievements when possible. Studies confirm storytelling makes candidates memorable and more likable.

Tip #4: Mind the Time

Keep responses concise yet comprehensive. Ramble less by practicing. If allowed retakes, use them to refine and tailor your best content. Hiring managers value clear communication and respect for their time.

It gave me the time and space to navigate the interview at my own rate so that I could really put my best self forward.

Tip #5: Get A Do-Over If Needed

Know that mistakes happen, even for seasoned professionals. Many platforms allow you to re-record responses until you feel satisfied with your performance. Don't hesitate to request a fresh take if you feel you could deliver a stronger reply. Also reach out for any technical assistance to resolve issues promptly. Use available tools and support to put your best foot forward.

Screenshot of the Hireflix platform's candidate interface. for the start of an interview. Video recording of a Black woman on the left side with headings and interview instructions on the right side.

How Imagine Uses Video Interviews

At Imagine, we integrate one-way video interviews, via Hireflix, into our hiring process thoughtfully and strategically. We understand some candidates may prefer phone interviews or worry that their true selves can't shine through a recorded format. Our approach counters these concerns by:

  • Ensuring each video is reviewed with attention, valuing every candidate’s input.

  • Utilizing technology to enhance, not replace, the human element in recruitment.

  • Overcoming the misconception of 'laziness' in recruitment – our use of video interviews is about efficiency and inclusivity, not cutting corners.

  • Providing accommodations and assistance whenever needed.

By leveraging our tips, you're sure to ace your one-way video interview! Preparation, storytelling, customization, brevity, and follow-through set candidates up for video interview success. Approach one-ways as an opportunity to showcase your unique value, not to anxiously sell yourself. Confidence comes through the camera when you focus less on perfection and more on authenticity.


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